Video poker- Modern technology meets an old age game


In the 1970s with the invention of the poker machines, the evolution came in the poker gaming industry. With the installation of the poker machine, modern technology meets an old age game, and playing poker became a whole new exciting experience. Modern technology started to give players a thrilling experience to the newbie and the pro players alike.

When you look at the modern look of video poker, you will find it entirely different from the classic slot of poker. Forget the old slot and classic gameplays of traditional poker, modern video poker has grown more proficient and enticing. It allows the player to play with multiple hands. It means you can play against the players at a different table at a time.

The game on a poker machine starts when the player enters a coin or a ticket in the poker machine. After that, the poker machine or joker slots สล็อตโจ๊กเกอร์ starts. It gives you an option to choose a bet. You can choose a bet according to your choice. After you made a bet successfully, the poker machine will give you five cards. After analyzing your cards, you can either choose to fold up the game, or you can increase the bet, and can also change some of your cards. After you finalize your cards, the poker machine assesses your hand and delivers a payoff.

A poker hand can have a maximum of five cards. There are the following categories of hands in poker from higher to lower. The highest category in the poker hand is the straight flush, which means all the five cards are of the same suits and in a sequence, Full house contains three cards of the same suits and a pair of another suit, flush: five cards with the same suits, straight: a sequence of cards but all from different suits, three of a kind: three cards of a similar suit and two from a different, nothing: if the cards do not follow any of the above combinations. The higher category you got the, higher will be the chance s of your win.

Playing poker online is the same as playing it on a table. Although there is always a significant role of luck in poker, optimal strategies and a component of talent can promise a big win. If you want to be a pro player of video poker then, you should be very mindful of your decisions. For instance, an insight decision of replacing a card can bring you back in the game.



In the era of 1990s, video poker became the craze of the people who were craving for an exciting and thrilling poker experience. Modern technology for video poker hasn`t stopped attracting people. In fact, it is attracting more and more people each year from all over the world.